Spinacas New Bentos

Like our Salads? You'll love our Bentos.

Spinacas Healthy Bento Delivery Spicy Chicken Bento

This month, we're launching our Bentos - cooked healthy meals that combine our tasty meats with a savoury brown rice and a vegetable side. 

True to Spinacas style - we've managed to make healthy food taste great, and we're pretty sure this will be a bento you'll love eating!


What do you get?

150 g of our flavour packed meats

150 g of savoury brown rice cooked in an onion-chicken stock

80 g of vegetable side and bento toppings


Who is it for?

Our bentos are great for -

  1. Those who still prefer to have some carbs with every meal.
  2. Those who don't need to go low-carb or lose weight.


What does it taste like?

We are launching with 3 flavours to start

Pulled Pork Bento

Pork shoulder slow-cooked in cinnamon meat stock until meltingly tender then hand-pulled to juicy perfection. Comes with savoury brown rice, avocado guacamole and a side of fresh pineapple-tomato salsa.

Pulled Pork Bento

Moroccan Spiced Chicken Bento (Spicy)

Chicken cubes marinated for 12 hours with a fiery Middle Eastern spice blend and pan-fried to juicy perfection. Comes with savoury brown rice and a side of sautéed peppers.

Moroccan Spiced Chicken Bento

Thai Chicken Patties Bento

100% hand-made minced chicken patties grilled to moist juicy perfection. Served with a Thai sweet-chilli dip. Comes with savoury brown rice and a white cabbage and carrot salad.

Thai Chicken Patties Bento


Other Useful Information

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  2. How to choose the salad that's best for you
  3. How to get the best delivery experience
  4. Complete nutritional values of our food





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