July Promo - FREE Mason Jar Giveaway!

We're giving away 1 beautiful glass mason jar for every $30 spent.

Not only do these jars look great, they also work great as a container for all sorts of things.

To get you excited about what you can do with these glass beauties, we've given you a list of things you can do with them!

I'll read later, let me get my salads first.


Organise your desk

Mason Jar 2

Have your pens, pencils and other stationary all over your desk?

Use a few mason jars to put everything in order.

The clear glass lets you see everything at a go.

Plus they look great on your table as well!


Start a Herb Garden

mason jar 2

Mason jars are the perfect container for you to grow a potted plant or your favourite herbs.  Herbs like basil, mint and dill work well.

Fill your mason jar almost to the top with garden soil, pop in a few herb seeds then cover with remaining soil.

Pour enough water to just keep the soil damp. And put them in an area where your herbs can get lots of light.

Water them every way and let them sprout!

Learn more about growing your own herbs from our friends at G.R.E.E.N.S !


Bring Your Salad to Work

 mason jar 3

Mason jars work beautifully as a salad container; not only that, they also keep your food safer and are much easier to clean.

Glass surfaces are non-porous, and prevent food and germs from clinging to them. They also wash much more easily than plastic containers.

A good rule of thumb is to put your dressing in first, followed by your chunky proteins and toppings.  Greens go in last.

Read the full article on how to make your own mason jar salad here


July Mason Jar Giveaway: How it works

  1.  Our promos are super simple as always, just make a minimum $30 purchase and we'll include a glass mason jar in your delivery.
  2. Promotion starts from on 4 July and ends on 8 July 2016.
  3. Not to be used with other discount coupons. (If we see a coupon has been applied, we may refuse and refund your order)
  4. Delivery policy still applies.
  5. Limited pieces, while stocks last, we reserve the right to substitute various size jars in the give-away if they run out.


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