How To Choose The Spinacas Salad Thats Best For You

Healthy Food Delivery Singapore Spinacas Tofu Salad


Here are the 5 things to know to help you choose the best Spinacas salad for yourself.


What's the difference between Premium, Meat Lover, Classic salads and Bentos?

Premium salads are our gourmet range; created using premium meat-cuts and have the most number of toppings.  The meats are extra slow cooked or sous-vide for ultimate flavour.

Premium Meat: 150 g | Base: Spinach and Romaine mix | Toppings: 7 fresh toppings.

Great for: A gastronomical salad treat


Meat lover salads are our performance range; they pack a whopping 200 g of meat! Together with an egg and nuts, you get > 50 g of protein for a delicious yet healthy high-performance meal.

Meat: 200 g | Base: Romaine Lettuce | Toppings: 5 fresh toppings.

Great for: A post workout meal or going lean 


Classic salads are meaty, delicious salads that you can eat everyday.  It comes in 2 sizes, Regular and Petite and has the most number of flavours.

Meat: 100 g | Base: Spinach and Romaine mix | Toppings: 6 fresh toppings

Great for: Your everyday meal


Bento sets are a balanced combination of low-GI brown rice, tasty meat and a cooked vegetable side. Its a hot cooked meal.

Meat: 150 g | Carb:  Savoury brown rice | Side: Variety of vegetable sides

Great for: A balanced meal

See all the nutrition values of our salads here


Healthy Food Delivery Singapore: Spinacas Salads


How are your meat flavours like?

We like our meats to be flavour packed; that's why we cook everything in-house.

If you like strong and spicy flavours --> Try the Morrocan Spiced Chicken.  Available in Meat-Lover and Classic

Prefer a milder taste and don't take spicy? --> Try our Honey Soy Chicken. Available in Meat-Lover and Classic

Love Hickory style sweet and savoury? --> Try the BBQ Pulled Pork. Available in Meat-Lover and Classic

If you're Vegetarian - you'll love our hand-made Chickpea Patties salad.

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Should I include add-ons?

Order add-ons if you if you want try out other meats or are extra hungry!

Extra Meat --> Perfect if want to try other flavours before ordering that salad

Pumpkin Mash --> Some people like carbs with their meal. This is a healthy Low-GI version of mashed potato

Nuts or Egg --> An extra serving of healthy fats and protein to keep you sated throughout the day


Healthy Food Delivery Singapore : Spinacas Add Ons


What's the difference between Regular or Petite size?

Regular size is what 80% of our customers (both male and female) order for lunch. It's big enough to keep you full until dinner.

Petite works if you're not very hungry or want to try add-ons.

Find out the calorie differences between Regular and Petite sizes here


How do I best enjoy my salad?

Follow these steps for salad nirvana:
  1. Pour dressing over the salad.
  2. Close box tightly and shake to mix everything up
  3. Put meat on top (warm it up first)
  4. Eat and be happy
The salad keeps for up to 3 days in the fridge. (Smell it first, if it's strange, best not to have it)

    If left outside, try to have it within 4 hours. If you're not eating it immediately, best to keep it fridged.


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