Healthy Food Delivery in Singapore: Big, Meaty Salads by Spinacas

Healthy Food Delivery Singapore Spinacas Veg Rat Salad

We believe good food should be a way of life.

Food that is fresh, healthy and delicious should be enjoyed by anyone every day, anytime, anywhere.

But we understand that not everyone has the time to make this happen, which is why we started Spinacas - to make this happen for you.

We are a healthy food delivery service that focuses on salads.

Our salads are different because are meaty and flavour packed, so you get your calories from protein not carbs, and they are delicious enough so you can eat healthy every day.

If you prefer some carbs, try our bentos. We use a low-GI carb, and pair them with our tasty meats and a vegetable side. 

In fact, our customers find our salads are so good, that they wished all ‘healthy food’ tasted this way.  Read our reviews here

And it shows, they keep coming back.

Want to lose weight the right way?

Want to eat a healthy, unprocessed meal?

Want to get this meal sent to you?

 Check, check and check!


What makes us special?

We eat our own food

In 2013, Phyllis (our founder, a fitness fanatic and all-round foodie) went on a sabbatical in Spain and discovered that eating fresh and healthy was a way of life there.

When she came back, she tried to recreate that same experience but found that salads were just too carby, processed and not filling.  

So she created her own salads to solve this problem.

And this philosophy of meaty, tasty and unprocessed still stands today.

Did you know we eat our salads for lunch every day, without fail? 

Now that says a lot about the quality of our salads!

 Read the full story here


A Salad for Every Occasion

We want our salads to be meals, not sides.

And because of that, we’ve created a salad for just about every occasion.

Feel like it’s time for a special treat day?  There is the premium salad for you and your friends or co-workers.

Need to get lean and looking for the perfect post-workout meal?  Our meat lover salad has 200 g of chicken or pork to satisfy that craving.

Feel like a more balanced meal ? Try our bentos with low GI brown rice, tasty meats and a cooked vegetable side.

Or just go for our classic range for that daily healthy meal like no other.

Whatever the case, you’ll always be able to enjoy the aroma of specialty meats slow-cooked in-house and then sampling their wonderful flavours in your salad.

And in case you're wondering what the nutrition values of our salads are, find them here.


It’s healthy food delivery you can enjoy!

Whether you’re at home or in the office, we’ll find some way to get your healthy food delivered to you.

Just place your order, check out and sit back.

We deliver to multiple locations and with pretty reasonable charges ($2 and $6)  so you can get your salad always.

Traffic is never an excuse and orders are generally delivered a few minutes ahead of time to ensure you get to enjoy your salad at exactly the time you expect to have it.



 A Salad like No Other

Healthy Food Delivery Singapore Spinacas Chicken Patty Salad


Larger meat portions

Have you ever felt hungry by 3 pm after eating a salad?

We have.  

That's because most salads are just too calorie light.

And that’s what makes most people not consider salads to be meals.

We want you to feel full after lunch or dinner, but we also want the right kind of calories.

Protein calories.

That’s why we put in larger meat portions - to provide you with the right protein you need to keep you satisfied longer.

Even our least meaty classic salads contain at least ~100 g of meat; this increases to 200 g for a meat-lover.  You'll definitely be full from the clean protein calories.

Curious about our nutrition values? It's all here.

No unhealthy, creamy dressings

Unlike other salads that rely on heavy, processed dressings for taste and flavour, we keep our dressings super simple.

It’s only olive oil, salt and pepper.

Not only is this less processed, the clean taste also lets you enjoy the taste our flavour packed meats even more.


Only in-house cooked meats

Have you noticed that we don’t use any cold deli meats?

You won’t find turkey ham, salami or cold chicken which are staples in most other salads.

We just think they don't taste very good, and aren't something we would eat ourselves. 

All our meats and sauces are meticulously prepared in-house because that’s the only way we can control how they taste.

Beef cheeks in red wine, Moroccan spicy chicken or pork ribs with coffee glaze, you’ll definitely love these unique, yet flavourful meats!

 See all our add-on meats here


We've thought of everything else

Healthy Food Delivery Singapore Spinacas Add ons


Super easy selection

At Spinacas, you won't find twenty-five toppings with six different sauces that overloads you with options.

We've chosen the wrong topping combinations and made enough salad mistakes to know what works and what doesn't. 

So we've taken the guesswork out of the equation for you - all our toppings, leaves and even dressings are fixed.

Just choose from our focused salad selection, meat flavour and you're ready to go.

But we know everyone likes a surprise now and then, so we'll always keep things fresh with one or two surprise seasonal ingredients.


Provision for special dietary needs 

Have special dietary needs?

We've got that covered too, just let us know if you have any health or dietary concerns in the comments box when you're ordering and we'll substitute toppings for you.

We also list out every single ingredient in our salads so you know exactly what you're getting.


Made just-in-time

Ingredients that are as fresh as they can be is the main goal.

That is why we prepare every meal only on the day itself.

And with ingredients selection narrowed to a minimum, you're getting a fresher, richer tasting salad delivered on time.

To keep your salad crisp and chilled  with all its health-giving properties intact, we deliver all your salads in an insulated bag, so the salads stay cold, while the meats keep warm.


Exceptional, the Spinacas Way 

Experience is the best teacher.

From our personal experience, we know healthy and delicious food can be had, and we think we've come up with pretty awesome salads.  

We're delivering these salads to you so you can enjoy this in an easy and convenient way. 

We also live the lifestyle - we work out a lot, eat whole and clean and go carb-light.

So when you're eating a nutritious and hearty Spinacas salad delivered to you, feel exceptional because we're serving you only what we would feed ourselves. 


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