How it works

What is Spinacas about?

Spinacas is a salad delivery service based in Singapore.  

We specialise in big, meaty salads with little or no refined carbs; what you would call high-protein and low carb.  

For you who prefer some carbs, we also deliver bentos sets which combine our tasty meats with a low GI carb and veggie side.   

We want to prove healthy food can be delicious too!  Best of all, this healthy food is delivered to you! See our delivery locations.

While most of our deliveries are made during lunch to offices, we also do dinner deliveries to homes. 

How does it work?
  1. First check that we deliver to your post code. See our delivery locations.
  2. If we do, then choose your food and add-ons, pick a delivery slot and check out. 
  3. Then just sit back, and let us contact you when we reach!

Orders have to be placed 2 hours before delivery.

We can deliver both lunch and dinner timings.


Ordering and Purchases

How do I pay?

You can pay by Paypal or Credit card.

When must I order my food?

We do same day delivery; but you need to order your salad 2 hours before your delivery time slot.  This means

  • By 9 am for the 11 - 12 pm slot
  • By 10 am for the 12 - 1 pm slot
  • By 3 pm for the 5 - 6 pm slot
Can I order for a friend?

Yes! Just specify your friends delivery address. Also, give us a reliable contact number to call if you wish to surprise your friend. 

We also have Spinacas Gift Cards that you can buy for a friend.

Where do I enter my discount coupon?

Enter it at checkout. See the picture below.

Spinacas Discount Code



Where do you deliver to?

We deliver to both within and outside of the CBD. See our full delivery locations here.

What are the delivery charges and minimums?

Delivery charges are between $2 and $6 depending on distance. We have a $25 order minimum.

I don't meet the minimum order, can I still have your salad?

Yes, you can come to our kitchen to to pick it up. 

The address is 195 Pearls Hill Terrace #01-55. 

How will you contact me when you reach?

Our delivery guy will call your provided contact number when we reach.

We usually arrive slightly earlier due to unpredictable lunch time traffic.

Try to be around to answer the phone, when he calls!


Changes and Refunds

I didn't enjoy the salad, can I get a refund?

If there was something wrong with the salad, we'll give you a refund no questions asked.

However, if you made a wrong order, or it wasn't our mistake, we'll have to take this case-by-case.

Either way - contact us and tell us what went wrong, we'll try our best to resolve it.

Can I change my delivery date after ordering?

If it's on the delivery day, then sorry, but no because we will have prepared your order.

If it's before the delivery day, sure! Just contact us and let us know.


Food Information

What makes your salad so special?

We believe what makes them special is that they are both healthy and delicious at the same time!

  1. We try to make everything in-house to keep things unprocessed - from dressings, meats to sauces.
  2. We keep refined high GI carbs to a minimum - so you won't see any breads or pastas in our salads.
  3. We  work very hard to pack maximum flavour in our meats, so you'll be able to enjoy them with the freshness of the salad!
Where's the nutritional information?

Nutrition information can be found in every product page. 

You can also find all the nutritional information of our salads here

How do you keep your salads fresh?

We take great care in keeping our salads as fresh as possible.  These are just some ways we work to give you a great tasting salad.

  1. We prepare all our salads on the day itself, this ensures that they are as fresh as they come.
  2. We also keep our ingredient selection narrow, this lets us move them faster and keep them for a shorter period. So you get a fresher salad
  3. We deliver our salads in insulated bags to keep them chilled while we send them to you.
Why do you only have so few options?

We keep our salad and topping range narrow because after lots of research, these meat and topping combinations are the best we've discovered.

Also, this lets us move the ingredients faster, resulting in always fresh salads for you!

Finally, with only very few salad options, it's extra easy for you to choose a salad!

Can I change my toppings?

Our toppings are standard as described in the product page.

However, if you have special dietary needs, lets us know when you order and we'll try to accommodate.

We usually substitute for something similar in value.

Are your salads halal?

No, our salads are not halal.

How do I keep my salads to eat later?

If you're not eating your salad within the hour of getting it, keep it in the refrigerator.

If you keep it in the fridge, the salad keeps for up to 3 days (be safe and do a smell and taste test before you eat)

If you don't keep it chilled, the salad keeps for 4 hours.



Do you cater for offices and events?

Yes, we do catering for offices and events. Contact us and tell us what you need!




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