About Us

Phyllis Spinacas Founder


What is Spinacas all about?

We're a salad delivery service based in Singapore.  

Our salads are meaty, hearty meals, what you would call high-protein and low carb.  

We also serve bentos for those that prefer carbs with their meal.

We are proof that healthy food can be delicious too!  Best of all, this healthy food is delivered to you! 

While most of our deliveries are made during lunch to offices, we also do dinner deliveries to homes. (delivery locations here)



How was Spinacas started?

Inspiration happens when you least expect it! 

So for me, what started as a 2-month sabbatical in Spain last year turned into a gastronomic journey filled with delicious, food  experiences. 

In Europe, I discovered that healthy good food was a way of life; and fresh, whole produce was easily accessible to everyone. 

After getting used to eating hearty salads (fresh leafy greens plus a substantial portion of meat) for lunch and dinner in Europe, I tried to re-create the same meal experience in Singapore. 

However salads that were nutritious and hearty just didn’t exist.   

Most of them were too protein-light and carb-heavy. I would always be hungry by 3pm!  As a health and fitness fanatic – eating bread, pasta or potatoes to ‘take up space’ was out of the  question. 

So I started making my own salads, always including more meat and cooking them in flavour packed combinations.  

I packed some for friends to try and they loved it!

As more friends ordered, I started making salad lunch deliveries on my red Vespa, scootering around town and sending big, healthy salads to friends. 

And that’s how ‘Hearty Salads Delivered’ came about. 


How are we different from other salad bars? 

Our meats are all cooked in-house, and our customers always tell us that's what they really enjoy about our salads.

Also, emphasis is placed on whole, natural and unprocessed foods and nutrient-dense greens. We don't include any breads, pastas or carbs in our salads.

Finally, we also keep things super simple by letting you decide only on two things: the size of your salad and the type of meat for your salad. 

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Our best sellers are...

The Morrocan Spiced Chicken and BBQ Pulled Pork.







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