Making a Salad? Here are 3 Ways To Make It Healthy! February 23, 2016 20:40

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Are your salad days over just because you use some ingredients that are not considered healthy?

Maybe you added an extra dollop of mayo or bumped up the bacon.

The thing is, you salad can be as healthy or unhealthy depending on how you make it.

Fill your bowl with the right salad ingredients and you can have a meal that is not only delectable but healthy as well.

Here are 3 ways to make healthy salads that let you look forward to the next bowl.


Go green

No, it’s not something to do with recycling and reducing pollution but about your salad base – the greener, the better, the healthier!

Spinach alone offers vitamin A and C, calcium, potassium and fiber – and that is just one leaf variety.

If you combine a couple or more of the healthiest greens, such as Kale or Lettuce, you are already a few extra chomps towards becoming healthier.

Some of these greens have an acquired taste, so it you find them too grassy or peppery, try the milder bases; lettuce is a good starting point.  

Iceberg, romaine and coral lettuce have mild flavours that are easy to enjoy yet let you get your glow on.


Toss the colors and textures in

There’s great attraction in colors!

The more colourful your salad, the healthier it becomes.  

This is a good rule of thumb, because antioxidants are often found in the colour pigments of these fruit and vegetables. 

Picture the appetizing green leaves mixed with appropriate amounts of these colours

  1. Red (tomatoes, apples, red bell peppers, red onions, beets, raspberries),
  2. Orange (carrots, oranges, papayas) and
  3. Yellow (mangoes, yellow bell peppers, golden kiwifruit). 

To make it more fun to eat, add richness and textures from chopped nuts or seeds.

Tossing these in will not only increase the nutrients of your salad but also help reduce the bitter taste there may be on your base.  


Add the final flavor booster

Your last step is a choice of dressing; a correctly chosen dressing will boost your salad flavour to new heights, just don't over do it.

Thus, you want some healthy oils that are high in Omega-3's such as Olive oil.

A couple of other touches to further stimulate the palate could be creamy diced avocado, salty olives or roasted seeds and nuts.


Healthy benefits of healthy salads

This delicious yet healthy combination of fruits and vegetables will provide you with many nutrients to help your body in different ways.

  1. Promotes better vision while reducing the risks for age-related eye conditions.
  2. Lowers bad cholesterol levels thus reduces risks of heart and blood pressure ailments.
  3. Rich in antioxidants, you can enjoy an immune system boost to fight free radicals better.
  4. Helps build stronger bones and healthier joints.

With this many health benefits coming from a single bowl, feel like making a bowl of this delicious meal already? 


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