5 Ways to Enjoy Your Salad January 13, 2016 08:00

Spinacas Cashew and Charsiew Salad

For most people, eating is often centered on their main course; and this often comprises mainly of meat of different kinds.

This could be very well why both adults and children end us not eating enough vegetables.

An easy solution is to incorporate veggies into your diet by eating a salad before or during each meal.

But how do you turn these veggies into a delicious and tasty salad that you can enjoy eating?

Below are 5 things you can do to turn those greens into a flavorful salad!


Use fresh fruits to add textures and flavor

Enhance a salad's flavor by adding small portions of fresh fruit.

This gives the salad extra sweetness and is often an easy way to perk up the taste of green vegetables.

Great options include green apple slices for some tart freshness or pomegranate seeds that add a lovely burst of juice when they pop in your mouth.  Not to mention they have a lovely red colour too!

If you're the type that's super busy, the local supermarket or grocery often have salad counters that let you make your salad.

Pick a few fruit toppings and you're on your way.


Use the right dressing (but don’t drown your salad with it)

We all need healthy fats in our diet.

 For a salad, the dressing is what provides most of the fat (and taste).

A simple dressing usually does the trick - try combining olive oil, salt and some vinegar.

I usually avoid store bought Caesar or Thousand Island as that is very processed and laden with fat.

If you're dining out and your choices are limited, request for the dressing to be served on a separate container so you can limit the amount you put on your salad.


Cut back on some ingredients or make healthy substitutions

Yes, adding some deep-fried chicken strips to your salad makes it more mouth-watering but keep in mind that you are opting for a healthy serving.

Reduce the amount to add or opt for pan-fried instead.

That way, you still get the health benefits derived from chicken minus the saturated fat.

If you are watching your sodium intake, instead of using salt, try using fresh herbs such as basil, thyme, rosemary or dill instead.


Be creative with the toppings

Your base may have all those greens that you believe your body will benefit from but without creative toppings, you will soon become bored of eating the same taste repeatedly.

Keep the enthusiasm on by pimping your salads with different toppings such as nuts and seeds, essential in supplying you with the day’s omega-3 fatty acids and other nutrient needs for the day.

Other great additions include toasted coconut flakes (unsweetened variety), pomegranate seeds, olives, figs and some fresh herbs. 


Manage your portion sizes

To fully enjoy your salad, its important that all the components - from the base to the toppings to the dressing - are all in the right amount.

This is a good rule of thumb - 60-80 grams of leaves, 2-4 toppings and about 1 - 2 tablespoons of dressing.

Next is to manage the portion size you eat.

Did you know that the bigger your plate, the more you'll eat? 

Control how much you eat by using a smaller bowl or plate instead, that's just large enough to satisfy your craving.


Beginning your meals with a salad may even make you eat less of your main meal.

That is an ideal way to lose weight without having to starve yourself and if you know that what you are eating is made of healthy options, all the more will you enjoy each bite.

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