Keeping it Healthy: Avoid These 4 Salad Mistakes January 14, 2016 07:30

Spinacas Salad with Feta Cheese, Tomatoes and Pomegranate Seeds

How could something so raw be so right where nutrients are concerned?

That is what’s great about salads, it's a perfect combination of fiber, protein and fat if you get right.

This food should likely be your first choice when it start out trying raw food.

But do you know that this very healthy salad could go wrong health-wise or taste-wise if you unknowingly commit the following salad mistakes?


Too little greens

Less greens, less fiber, less vitamins!

Aim to get at least 60 - 80 grams of leaves in your salad, this should give you the right amount of fiber your body needs for a meal.  

Avoid missing out important vitamins by adding a variety of vegetables in your salad.

Try lettuce for crunch, spinach for a more earthy taste or rocket for a peppery touch.

For vitamins, a good rule-of-thumb is the colour of the leaf; the darker the leaf, the more vitamins you get from them.


Not enough protein, not enough healthy fat or too much of unwanted fat

If you don’t have enough endurance, it is probably not because of your vegetarian diet but because you lack protein.

This is one mistake you should avoid when eating salads.

We have written about how to add protein to your salads here.

However, if you don't eat meat, give Tofu or Edamame a try.

However, don’t overdo the soy consumption because it could lead to too much amino acids in your body - resulting in increased nitrogen discharge in your urine which may hurt your kidneys.

As for fat, lack of the healthy kind could ruin the purpose of your supposedly healthy salad.

Without essential fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6) derived from sources like soybean, walnut, flaxseed, broccoli or spinach, a host of disorders are likely to happen.

Too much fat, on the other hand, such as when you have too much of heavy dressing or a hefty amount of cheese, is excessive calorie intake which could lead to the addition of unwanted pounds.


Too much refined carbs

If you are looking to shed some pounds, cutting out the carbs and adding more protein could be a great starting point.

But for others, consuming some carbs is preferred and even necessary.

Consuming starches are essential to keep energy high and get us going.

Some of us literally can't think straight and remain active without it.

So instead of skipping carbs, try to incorporate low-GI versions of them into your diet through salad.

Small portions of corn, pumpkin, green peas, oatmeal or quinoa will do you great.


Under seasoning your salad

Tossing the same mix many times over?

Even the freshest, tastiest salad can become boring if you under-season it.

There are numerous healthy ways to keep the interest up with salad seasoning.

If you are tired of the typical olive oil and lemon juice combination, try fruit juices.

Pomegranate juice mixed with a little vinegar does an interesting magic.

Toasted sesame seeds as an added flavor is another way to motivate a palate.


Doing a little research plus some creativity will lead to creating more interesting combinations of vegetables, fruits, nuts and sprouts to make a salad and avoiding the above mistakes.

After all, what you want is to keep it healthy so that you maximize the benefits you get from eating salads but still keep them delicious so that it's a joyful meal to eat.

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