4 Ways to Pump Up The Protein In Your Salad January 10, 2016 10:26

Spinacas Chicken Patty Salad with Pomelo

No protein, no power!

You may be eating the best of tasting bowl of salad, but without protein, that feeling of satisfaction will likely be short-lived.

You’ll also probably end up hungry after only an hour.

You see, a salad that lacks protein is like having filling-less sandwich.

What good is that?

The power of protein

Protein plays a vital role when it comes to the body’s maintenance and repair function.

Every cell in your body needs it.

Your hair, skin and nails all rely mainly on protein to be healthy because it is what forms your body chemicals including enzymes for proper metabolic processes.

Protein is broken down to 20 amino acids that the body needs for energy and proper growth.

With protein, not only is your staying power taken care of but your cognitive functions to help fight depression and anxiety are also elevated.

Vegetables and fruits that you put in your salad will contain most of the fiber and nutrients your body needs.

However, being low in calories, they won't keep your full.

So how do you protein pump your salad and still keep it healthy? Here are 4 tips. 

Try low calorie poultry

You may wish for a steak with your salad, but to keep it extra healthy, try chicken or turkey.

A cup of grilled, skinless chicken breast gives you about 40 grams of protein.

If chicken is not your thing, try turkey.

It is also low in calorie and for each 100 grams, you are assured of 17 grams of protein.


Consider hard-boiled eggs and nuts

Tossing some chopped peanuts or walnuts in your salad.

It not only provides extra texture and crunchiness but also provides much needed protein.

Eggs are another easy way to add protein to your salad.

One hard-boiled egg 6 grams of protein and a calorie count of 55.

You might want to go easy on the yolk if you have an issue with cholesterol.


Give the celebration of seafood a try

Three ounces of steamed white tuna, salmon or shrimp will deliver you about 20 grams of protein.

You may also grill your fish for a better flavour while keeping the calorie count within safe limits.

To reduce the fishy smell, keep your fish chilled and in a separate container so it doesn't make your salad a soggy mess.


Enjoy in soy protein

If you don't eat meat, poultry or eggs, there is always soy protein as an alternative for your salad.

Tofu, for instance, goes well with lettuce and grated carrots and will deliver a power supply of 7 grams of protein for every 60 grams tossed into your salad.

Half a cup of boiled Edamame beans is enough to give you 11 grams.


Pumping up your salad’s protein content will help ensure that you make an all-inclusive meal out of each serving.

Whatever protein provider you choose, keep enjoying your healthy, leafy greens!

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