3 Reasons Why You Should Eat Low GI Carbs March 25, 2016 16:17

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Obesity, heart disease and diabetes are the most common dietary related diseases today, and sadly, the number of people with such diseases keeps rising.

So it's no wonder that we have become more conscious of what we eat and constantly look out for healthy food options.

As a first step, my advice is always to try reducing your carb intake - eating salads, increasing protein and fibre are great starting points.

But if we find it hard to cut out our delicious rice, noodles and breads, what better options do we have? 

Try brown rice, barley or oats!

These grains are a good alternative because they have a low GI (Glycemic Index).

Other options include pumpkin seeds, tofu and cauliflower.


What is Glycemic Index?

Glycemic Index (GI) is a way of measuring how a carb impacts your body's blood sugar level. 

A low GI food raises your blood sugar less than one that is high GI. This in turn leads to a small and gentle rise in insulin level.

The benefits of this is that it reduces the risk of common diseases including stroke, kidney diseases and type 2 diabetes.

Here are more reasons why you should eat low GI carbs.


Lower your risk of diabetes

Low GI grains contribute to reducing your risk of diabetes.


When we eat high GI foods, blood sugar rapidly rises, which in turn pushes up insulin production.

When this happens repeatedly, our body starts to develop a resistance to insulin.

This causes our pancreas to work overtime to produce more.

Overtime, our pancreas will fail to keep up with this insulin production, causing Type 2 Diabetes to occur.

By eating more low GI carbs, we reverse the process.

Our body's insulin resistance drops, our pancreas doesn't need to work so hard, and the risk of diabetes also reduces accordingly.


Lose Weight 

Low GI grains also typically contain more fibre.

This lets them stay in your stomach longer, slowing digestion for a longer feeling of satisfaction and increasing the feeling of fullness.

They also combine with water and expand to take up more room, letting you stave off the hunger for a longer period of time.

So you won't be craving for food shortly after a meal, which lets you lose those stubborn pounds you've been wanting to shed.


Healthier Pancreas

Your pancreas is your main source of insulin and it has tendency to overwork when there is a sudden increase of blood sugar.

Each time this occurs, the pancreas grows weaker and soon produces less insulin leading to the development of diabetes.

Eating low GI foods will help reverse this effect.


Should you remove high GI foods in your diet completely?

Not necessarily.

All you need is to add more vegetables in your diet, eat more fruits and switch more than half of your starch intake to low GI carbs.

For instance, if you like cornflakes, try a more beneficial alternative like whole rolled oats instead.

It is not wonder food you are seeking, just something that helps balance what you intake and low GI carbs can easily help you achieve that.


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